Dev Pandey

logo.jpgTitle: Chief Executive Officer

Company: WOG Technologies Inc.

Location: Lake Worth, FL

Lake Worth, FL, June 17, 2014, Dev Pandey, Chief Executive Officer of WOG Technologies Inc., has been recognized by Elite American Executives for dedication, achievements and leadership in engineering and project management.

Mr. Pandey has 25 years of professional experience working as an engineer and project manager. He joined WOG Technologies because he believed in the company’s mission of providing high quality waste water treatment services to its clients. An expert in business development, Mr. Pandey is responsible for handling mechanical engineering and project management in engineering and construction of waste water treatment systems, managing the overall operations, overseeing the new business development, providing financial forecasting and client services, and planning business strategy. He also watches every step in water cycle, including withdrawing water, producing and conveying the drinking water, and provides the services of conveying waste water, its treatment, recycle, distribute to the industries and environment.

Mr. Pandey is recognized and well respected for the personal care and support he gives clients, which allows the clients to be confident that they are dealing with the right company and people. Although he is highly accomplished, he believes his greatest career achievements have been solving the problems of the customers who were not supported by anyone. The company went out of its way to help them with the issue. Mr. Pandey attributes his years of professional success to his hard work and dedication.

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Dev Pandey

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