Michael Schoch

Schoch, Michael 2116583Title: Chief Executive Officer

Company: MPA Enterprises

Location: Punta Gorda, FL

Punta Gorda, FL, United States, June 23, 2017, Michael Schoch, Chief Executive Officer of MPA Enterprises, has been recognized by Elite American Executives, for dedication, achievement and leadership in international business.

Mr. Schoch is honored for professional longevity, having worked as an airline pilot, real estate and property manager and as an investment manager. For 17 years, he flew plans as an airline captain for UPS. Prior to this position, he worked in real estate management for 25 years. For the past few years, Mr. Schoch has managed MPA Enterprises, where he lends his expertise in statistics and analytics to help clients with stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

Mr. Schoch has always had an affinity for finances and numbers and can trace back this interest to receiving a Master of Science in applied mathematics from Ohio State University in 1976. He is a member of the National Honor Society and the Robot Society and volunteers with Big Brothers Big Sisters. Looking toward the future, Mr. Schoch endeavors to find a good balance of work, relaxation, beach time and rest and relaxation.

Contact Mr. Schoch

Schoch, Michael 2116583

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