Michael Jay Schmitz

Schmitz, Michael 2027979Title: Global Command

Location: Naselle, WA

Naselle, WA, April 4, 2017, Michael Jay Schmitz, Global Command, has been recognized by Elite American Executives, for dedication, achievement and leadership in disaster solutions.

Mr. Schmitz is Global Command and is recognized as The Major Disaster Solutionist American Master. His line of work focuses on resolving some of the planet’s biggest issues, such as natural disasters like hurricanes. He has influenced such politicians as Governor Christie of New Jersey. In keeping his eye out for the safety of the planet, Mr. Schmitz is credited with devising successful solutions.

Although retired, Mr. Schmitz still actively manages his teams all over the world. He currently has a patent for sale, Patent 6913248, originally valued at an estimated $5 trillion. This patent holds the key to lowering the ocean levels back to 1977 levels, before global warming. Additionally, his Triple Output solution was used by another nation and resulted in the end of global warming. In order to come to these conclusions, Mr. Schmitz conducts experiments and relies on his knowledge.

Looking toward the future, Mr. Schmitz endeavors to speak with President Trump and discuss his methodology in reducing the ocean levels and put an end to iceberg depletion. He maintains affiliation with the VFW. Looking toward the future, he endeavors to continue working on his projects.

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Schmitz, Michael 2027979


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