Mark Stewart

logo.jpgTitle: President

Company: Total Finishing Solutions

Location: Bartonville, IL

Mark Stewart is the president of Total Finishing Solutions, a consulting and contracted engineering firm that provides a wide range of consulting and contracted engineering services of paints and all related products. Mr. Stewart been working with paints and all solutions related to paints for almost 30 years. He is well known in his field for his knowledge and expertise. yet this has never stopped him from knowing how to talk to people at all levels and listen to what they have to contribute; from the hourly wage earner to top executives. Mr. Stewart began his career as a research chemist after college, and he later was recruited into the automotive arena, and became an expert in the field. He is well versed in product completion and is responsible for handling all of the consulting and contracted engineering assignments, securing new contracts as needed, and working directly with the clients. Mr. Stewart is an award-winning professional who believes he has excelled in his professional endeavors due to being good at what he does, and being very well known in the industry for his quality work. Mr. Stewart plans on expanding his company’s services. 

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