Deron Jett

Deron JettTitle: Chief Executive Officer, President

Company: OMG, LLC

Location: Cincinnati, OH

Mr. Jett joined OMG, LLC in 1999, after spending nine years as a corporate services manager for a Fortune 100 insurance company where he was responsible for over $3 million in cash reduction and Post Processing Automation. Deron has continued his success at OMG by developing Operations, Human Resources, Training/Team Building, Sales, Marketing and added service offerings for the clients we serve. Deron has succeeded in streamlining OMG Operations and developing the tools necessary to provide value-added services to all OMG.

Deron is performance-oriented and driven by corporate goals, establishing policies and cost-effective procedures designed to improve productivity, upgrade and modernize operations to an electronic environment and increase bottom-line.

During Deron’s tenure, he has successfully added 40 additional client contractual FTE’s. OMG’s revenue has increased by 43% and has led the most profitable consecutive years in OMG history between the years of 2001-2015. Consolidation of client mail locations, creating Enterprise Mail Hubs has greatly improved client processes and workflow resulting in client expense reduction and savings. In the last four years (2011-2014), Client savings have totaled well over $9 million dollars.

Deron is driven by client needs and 100% client satisfaction. Detailed project plans empower managers and employees and provide them with a roadmap to success. OMG Team Member morale and loyalty is at an all-time high as a result of Deron’s commitment to effective communications and the development of each Team Member and his interest in their ideas

As the CEO, Deron oversees all planning and implementation stages of high level projects and promotes the continuous streamlining of workflow process for some of the largest companies in national markets of, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, California, Michigan and North Carolina. The consulting arm of OMG has expanded to areas across the United States.

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Deron Jett

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