Martin H. Naul

Martin H. NaulTitle: Sales Manager

Company: Digitrax, Inc.

Location: Houston, TX, United States

Martin H. Naul is a Sales Manager with the Sales and Marketing division of Digitrax, Inc. In his current capacity, Mr. Naul expertly interacts with distributors and retail dealers, productively making the most of his sales background, which he has fostered for the past 34 years. Mr. Naul’s company has had the best year in its history during the past year. He is also a drummer for the band Oz Knozz. Their CD, 10,000 Days & Nights, has a hit record in Europe. Mr. Naul is a six-time Grammy nominee, and he attributes his success to his honesty, credibility, technical and salesmanship skills and to being forthright with his clients.

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Martin H. Naul

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