Yon Friedmann

Friedmann, Yon 2088904Title: Chairman, Chief Executive Officer

Company: Aqua-Terra Planetary Holdings, LLC

Location: Agoura Hills, CA

To learn about Mr. Friedmann’s land and ocean transportation project known as the Trans-Web Infrastructure Network System (TWINS), please click here.

For a video explanation of the TWINS project, please click here.

To download a presentation on Dropbox, please visit here.

To learn more about Advanced Indoor Farming Component Type, please visit here and here.

To learn more about Advanced Transportation Component Type, please visit the ET3.com site here, Futurism’s video explaining quantum levitation here and click here for the ET3 Makers Interview with Daryl Oster on the Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies.

Contact Yon Friedmann

Friedmann, Yon 2088904

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