Barry Cartmill


Title: President and Chief Executive Officer

Location: Wappingers Falls, NY

Wappingers Falls, NY, April 12, 2016, Barry Cartmill, President and Chief Executive Officer of BECIT, Inc. has been recognized by Elite American Executives for his achievements and leadership in information technology.

Known for his expertise in the architecture, design and development of information technology systems, Mr. Cartmill has been programming systems and administering computer-based applications for more than 31 years. At the helm of his own IT consulting firm, he leads his team of professionals in providing technical services to various industries, including financial services, banking, insurance, manufacturing, retail, utilities, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, transportation and telecommunications. Particularly, BECIT is regarded for its focus on messaging and mediation software, which they accomplish by providing internet-based routing and transformation of messaging. It also means planning, analyzing, designing, implementing, testing and supporting all systems. 

Mr. Cartmill’s passion comes from a lifelong interest in learning about “the next thing” in information technology. Additionally, he has been gratified by the opportunities working in IT has provided to create applications and systems which would improve business operations as well as the quality of life for everyone. Prior to founding his consultancy in 2002, Mr. Cartmill specialized in software and middleware for more than 20 years in messaging, in application integration and mediation for more than 15 years, and service-oriented architecture and enterprise service bus for more than 12 years.

Mr. Cartmill has stayed on top of the field by continuing his education and obtaining certifications throughout his career. Mr. Cartmill holds an MBA in management information systems from the University of Minnesota, a Master of Arts in psychology from Morehead State University and a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and sociology from Morehead State University. Among Mr. Cartmill’s many certifications are his accreditations as a certified solution designer and system administrator in WebSphere MQ (accredited by IBM), certified solution expert and specialist in MQSI (accredited by IBM), and a technical trainer accredited by the Chauncey Group International. Looking ahead, Mr. Cartmill intends to continue growing BECIT, Inc. by expanding into other related technical areas, including process management application services. Please visit his website:

Contact Barry Cartmill

Cartmill, Barry 2055233

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