Andrew L. Tjoelker

Tjoelker, Andrew 2024952Title: General Manager
Company: Dairy Queen
Location: Ferndale, Washington

Ferndale, WA, December 18, 2015, Andrew Tjoelker, General Manager of Dairy Queen, has been recognized by Elite American Executives for dedication, achievement and leadership in food and beverage services.

As a person who finds great enjoyment in training and helping people, Mr. Tjoelker considers his position with Dairy Queen to be ideal. In his role as the general manager of the retail restaurant and ice cream shop, he primarily manages operations, including human resources, although he is also responsible for monitoring inventory and cost of goods, training employees and ensuring continued sales growth. Mr. Tjoelker is an expert in management, training and positive strategic thinking, and holds a Situational Leadership Training Certificate.

Since entering the industry just seven years ago, Mr. Tjoelker has continued to grow in his chosen career path. He attributes his ongoing success to his strong ambition and drive, which he hopes will continue to propel him forward in the coming years. As he moves forward in his career, Mr. Tjoelker intends to take on additional managerial and leadership roles. He has served as the general manager of Dairy Queen for four years.

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Tjoelker, Andrew 2024952

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