Marcus Fosket

Title: President

Company: Digital Display Systems Inc.

Location: Sante Fe, California

Sante Fe, CA, November 25, 2015, Marcus Fosket, President of Digital Display Systems Inc., has been recognized by Elite American Executives for dedication, achievement and leadership in manufacturing LED clocks.

Mr. Fosket has been designing clocks for the past 50 years. His company specializes in providing LED light clocks for the military, government bases, the Pentagon, the White House, and film and television sets. Since he started in the industry, Mr. Fosket has demonstrated proficiency in designing clocks according to his clients’ specific requests.

Mr. Fosket is most well-known for the clocks he has designed for the White House Situation Room and the Pentagon. His clocks have also been featured in the television shows “Madam Secretary,” “House of Cards,” “Blacklist,” and “Limitless.”

Having loved electronics since childhood, Mr. Fosket naturally found his way into the design and creation of LED clocks. Looking ahead, he plans to unveil his newest projects, which he states has never been seen before. Eventually, Mr. Fosket plans to sell Digital Display Systems Inc. in order to move on with the next stage of his life.

Contact Marcus Fosket

Fosket, Marcus 2023196

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