Don McAdams

Title: 1) Director of Organizational Development & Learning (Retired) 2) Foundation President

Company: 1) Johnsonville Sausage, LLC 2) Lakeshore Technical College

Location: Kohler, WI

Kohler, WI, November 24, 2015, Don McAdams, retired director of organizational development & learning for Johnsonville Sausage and foundation president for Lakeshore Technical College, has been recognized by Elite American Executives for dedication, achievements and leadership in change management.

Over the course of his 30-year career in consumer goods in the food industry, Mr. McAdams developed an expertise in change management through a number of sales and management positions. With Johnsonville Sausage, he created and led the organizational development function within the company to reinforce and support its unique culture. Every day, Mr. McAdams was committed to “teaching, directing and guiding.”

Now retired from his role with Johnsonville, Mr. McAdams received an opportunity with Lakeshore Technical College through his past relationship with the college as a vendor partner. Today, he serves as foundation president. Mr. McAdams is tasked with leading major meetings for the organization to help structure workload into three committees. To do so, he relies on his past experience and his education. Mr. McAdams holds a Master of Science in business, training and development from Silver Lake College and a Bachelor of Science in business administration from Florida State University College of Business.

Mr. McAdams admitted in a recent interview that he has been successful because of his hard work, innate ability to serve as a leader and his sales skillset. When he is away from his professional duties, he affiliates with the Florida State Alumni association and the local Rotary. As he looks ahead, Mr. McAdams hopes to take on more responsibilities as a board member with Lakeshore Technical College.

Contact Don McAdams

McAdams, Don 1811168

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