David C. Nichols

Nichols, David 1995641Title: President, Chief Executive Officer

Company: Hand Up Ministries, Inc.

Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Oklahoma City, OK, October 15, 2015, David Nichols has dedicated his career over the last 16 years to reintegrating men and women who are returning into society after serving a sentence in prison. Inspired to enter this field while working as a Gideon for a ministry; he noticed that there was a need for housing services for people coming out of prison. He took the opportunity to not only help them find homes, but he also offered services that would help these individuals re-acclimate to normalcy and find faith in God to build a better life for themselves. Despite the thousands of individuals he has helped, Mr. Nichols believes that he is just getting started. “It is my goal to establish this program on a national level,” he says, noting that the more support Hands Up Ministries can offer, the better it can impact society. In the years to come, he intends to continue contributing to the spiritual growth of his clients.

Contact David C. Nichols

Nichols, David 1995641


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