Gloria J. Coates

Coates, Gloria 635168Company: Buhl Community Water Company

Title: Executive Director

Location: Mercer, PA

Ms. Coates serves as executive director of Buhl Community Water Company, a trusted provider of water distribution services for Springfield Township in Mercer County, Pa. She utilizes her expertise in business management to oversee all office operations of the company, as well as ensure that the company’s water is the best that it can be. Ms. Coates also enjoys the opportunity to work with people from all walks of life. She holds family ties to the business and is proud to be a company shareholder. Understanding that training is crucial to her job and industry, Ms. Coates has been well trained in all aspects of her career. She also holds an associate degree in business administration from the Business Institute of Pennsylvania, and she maintains affiliation with the Pennsylvania Rural Water Association.

Contact Gloria J. Coates

Coates, Gloria 635168

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