Richard J. Staples, Ph.D.

Staples, Richard 543672Company: Crystallographic Resources, Inc.

Title: President

Location: Dewitt, MI

Driven by his strong interest in crystallography, Dr. Staples is a respected small molecule crystallographer with expertise in structure determination from x-ray diffraction. He is skilled in various areas of x-ray diffraction techniques as well. As the president of Crystallographic Resources, Inc., Dr. Staples operates a laboratory that provides a number of x-ray crystallographic services, including structure determination and crystal growth services. He also serves as senior academic specialist of x-ray crystallography at Michigan State University. Dr. Staples’ own academic background includes a Bachelor of Science in chemistry and mathematics from Central Michigan University, a Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Toledo, and post-doctorate research at Texas A&M University. He is professionally affiliated with the American Crystallographic Association and American Chemical Society.

Contact Dr. Richard J. Staples

Staples, Richard 543672

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