Matthew S. Baril

Baril, Matthew 862062Company: HCA

Title: Healthcare Recruiting Specialist

Location: Dallas, TX

In his role as a recruiting specialist for HCA, one of the world’s largest operators of health care facilities, Matthew Baril is responsible for ensuring that his company attracts and retains some of the best talent the industry has to offer. Heavily involved in the presentation, selection, offer and negotiation aspects of the pre-employment process, he works with hiring managers to identify corporate needs and address them with individuals whose backgrounds and skill sets most closely align with open positions. He also coordinates with the sourcing team and HR executives to develop sourcing strategies and staffing plans. More than just simply reading through résumés to screen candidates, Mr. Baril’s role is one that requires sound judgment of character, strength in business management, strong communication skills, and an in-depth knowledge of ever-evolving HR policies and procedures. To complement his years of experience and formal education, which includes a Bachelor of Science earned in 2001, he is pursuing an MBA through Webster University. Mr. Baril formerly served in the U.S. Air Force, where he was responsible for program and policy planning and received several recognition awards.

Contact Matthew S. Baril

Baril, Matthew 862062


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