Jessie L. Reynolds-Epley

Reynolds-Epley, Jessie 779299Title: Inside Sales Representative

Company: Sulzer Ltd.

Location: Carencro, LA

A sales representative with more than 17 years of professional experience, Ms. Reynolds-Epley brings with her an expertise in all aspects of the oil and gas industry. In her role with Sulzer, she manages the sales of gas engine and compressors components in the natural gas, oil and energy fields, while also demonstrating her leadership capabilities. She leads a team in forecasting, quality control, compliance and operations. Additionally, Ms. Reynolds-Epley supervises many of her team’s customer service functions. To support her career, she earned a certification in computer technology and a certification in business studies. Ms. Reynolds-Epley stays at the top of her field by affiliating with the National Association of Professional Women. In the years to come, she intends to continue growing with her company and sustaining her position as a female leader in the natural gas, oil and energy arena.

Contact Jessie Reynolds-Epley

Reynolds-Epley, Jessie 779299

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