Scott J. Cipinko

Scott Cipinko 938323Title: Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer

Company: Consumer Credit Industry Association

Location: Atlanta, GA

Scott J. Cipinko, JD, AIRC grew up in the insurance business. His father was an agent and, through him, Mr. Cipinko learned to appreciate the fact that insurance is not about contract but about people. Throughout his 28-year career, Mr. Cipinko has been able to make a real difference in the way insurance products are delivered to consumers through his extensive regulatory and legislative work. Coming from the law profession, Mr. Cipinko understands that the work being done for every client is important. His work requires balance, as well as being able to understand the concerns and needs of those you represent. He makes sure to take this approach with every client he works with and with those on the other side of a transaction or policymaking. A problem solver and advocate, Mr. Cipinko oversees all internal and external operations in business affairs, and leads regulatory responses to issues of concern in his roles with the Consumer Credit Industry Association. Although highly accomplished, Mr. Cipinko is extremely proud of his ability to build coalitions, and for becoming a nationally recognized spokesman. Looking toward the future, he hopes to continue running the association.

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Scott J. Cipinko

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