Danielle Schneider

Danielle Schneider 1956069Title: Vice President

Company: Pathfinder Development

Location: Austin, TX

Danielle Schneider knew at the age of 10 that hospitality was the career path she wanted to follow. She obtained her first job in a hotel at the age of 16, and has held a variety of positions throughout her 26-year career. An expert in sales and marketing, having spearheaded the sales efforts of portfolios of hotels in the Midwest for CL Hospitality, Ms. Schneider spends her days overseeing sales and marketing efforts, and fostering a sales and guest-driven culture at each hotel. She also coaches, handles strategic marketing, provides motivational support, building relationships with major hotel brands, and oversees nine facilities for the Marriott, Hilton and ISG. She attributes her success to her hard work, experiences and knowing early on in life what career path she wished to pursue. She enjoys interacting with people and intends to experience continued growth and success in her career in the coming years.

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Danielle Schneider

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