Todd Hegwer

Todd Hegwer 1788439Title: 1) President 2) Co-Chief Executive Officer

Company: 1) Timber Canyon Energy Consulting, LLC 2) Public Power Energy Services LLC

Location: Castle Rock, CO

Todd D. Hegwer is a highly regarded professional with 32 years of experience in the energy industry. After working for multiple energy companies, Mr. Hegwer made the decision to venture out on his own. His companies provide energy consulting services for municipalities and public power entities, and power supply, natural gas, biomass and renewable energy services. With extensive market knowledge, Mr. Hegwer ensures the companies stay profitable by structuring purchase power agreements (PPAs) for developers and customers, as well as negotiating contracts, assisting clients in changing suppliers, determining cost recovery, and overseeing all aspects of energy supply as it relates to cost efficiency and profitability. He also works with all forms of renewable energy entities, as well as conventional generation products. Mr. Hegwer has the vision and foresight to guide clients appropriately and take advantage of new trends such as generating savings in power consumption through the use of anaerobic digesters. He has achieved great success throughout his career and believes that success is a direct result of his hard work and skill set. Moving forward, Mr. Hegwer plans to grow more of the renewable side of the business, and get more involved with treating waste water and fracking.

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Todd D. Hegwer

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