Anita L. Merrill

Anita Merrill 1795081Title: Chief Medical Technologist (Retired)

Company: The University of Georgia

Location: Tifton, GA

Always interested in science, Anita L. Merrill was persuaded by a friend to enter the medical technology field. She dedicated 48 years of service to the industry before retiring. Mr. Merrill had an illustrious career working in veterinary clinical pathology where she particularly excelled in chemistry and laboratory diagnostics. Ms. Merrill’s last position was chief medical technologist at The University of Georgia where she served as a technician for clinical pathology, chemistry, hematology, parasitology, endocrinology, urinalysis and cytology for veterinary patients. Her greatest career achievement was when she was hired in 1979 to develop the veterinary clinical pathology department for the Tifton Veterinary Diagnostic and Investigational Laboratory. She had to start her work manually. She started with hematology and urinalysis, and then added chemistry and endocrinology. Ms. Merrill was widely regarded for her work at the university and earned the Staff Appreciation Award in 2007. She believes she was able to excel in medical technology over the course of four decades because she was passionate and had a strong work ethic.

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Anita L. Merrill

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