Frank A. Lukasik, JD

Frank Lukasik 1866473Title: 1) President 2) Attorney

Company: 1) Stealth Origami, Inc. 2) Frank A. Lukasik, J.D.

Location: The Village, FL

The Village, FL, March 12, 2015, Frank A. Lukasik, JD, President of Stealth Origami, has been recognized by Elite American Business Owners for dedication, achievement and leadership in origami paper.

Mr. Lukasik is an accomplished attorney with 50 years of experience. While he continues to practice at his own law firm, he has also started to shift his focus to his entrepreneurial endeavors. Mr. Lukasik’s company, Stealth Origami, Inc., provides customers with origami paper airplanes. He has been making paper airplanes since 1980, and spends his days developing ways to obtain more exposure to sell his stealth origami paper planes. His patented origami airplanes earned him a feature article in The Daily Sun in 2010 and one was given to former President George W. Bush. They bring joy to all who buy them and Mr. Lukasik loves to see the children play with them and pretend they are flying.

Mr. Lukasik’s background in patent law helps him inspire those around him. He considers himself an inventor and hopes that his business will show people that any idea, big or small, is worth pursuing. He can not only advise aspiring entrepreneurs, but help them with any patent issues they may have. Mr. Lukasik‘s businesses serve as an outlet for people who want to be entertained or need a place to turn. He works with individual investors to protect their intellectual property rights and to assist them in marketing their inventions.

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Frank A. Lukasik, JD

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