Suresh Puli

Suresh Puli 1709437Title: Director of Global Supply Chain Business Development

Company: Polycom, Inc.

Location: San Francisco, CA

Suresh Puli is the director of global supply chain business development for Polycom, Inc., a telecommunications equipment provider. Mr. Puli entered the industry nearly 20 years ago after completing his education in electrical engineering and computer science. He saw the importance of supply chain and process improvement service in the delivery of technology and has steadily progressed in the field since. Mr. Puli is known for his understanding of technology that others don’t possess. He knows to not underestimate its capabilities. He particularly excels in the fields of process improvement and team development, and spends his days improving processes throughout the company, building teams, and innovating to keep the company’s supply chain operations in line with the fast-paced changes in technology. Although highly accomplished, Mr. Puli feels one of his greatest career achievements was the transformation of supply chain and streamlining processes. He attributes his success to his innovative skills and knowledge of cutting-edge resources. Looking toward the future, Mr. Puli intends to complete his MBA and be a part of ongoing innovations.

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Suresh Puli

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