Todd Caouette

Todd CaouetteTitle: Chief Executive Officer

Company: C2 Global Energy

Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Todd Caouette shines as a luminary in his field, and at the helm of a top creative energy firm and network of suppliers and partners for the global power generation sector, he is able to make the most of his background in business development, strategic development, and product development. His company is a leading provider of products and services to a multitude of energy and industrial related clients throughout the world. Mr. Caouette effectively optimizes product penetration, increases customer relationships at all levels of the organization, and seamlessly executes negotiations.

Mr. Caouette holds a 100 Ton Captain’s License and is a member of the Tony Robbins Leadership Academy. Mr. Caouette started a new venture under C2Globalenergy called Sabai Botanicals. Sabai is dedicated to providing the most nutritious, freshest and most potent, organic, botanicals and herbals for continued quality of life. Sabai (Thai for Wellness) processes, blends, packages and distributes the proprietary family of Sabai products. The private label blends deliver health and wellness in a powder ready for smoothies, and other blended drinks. Sabai products are also available in convenient capsules. The various blends offer performance and stamina, improved cognitive processes, weight loss, immune system recovery, anti-inflammatory, detox or stress reliever, and a soothing aid to a restful sleep. Three or more of the products may be used as part of a complete daily regimen. For example, Weight Loss, Performance and Stamina, and Detox may be combined as a total weight loss, performance and cleansing system. He saturated a TV show called the Sea Angels, and plans to make it into a foundation soon. It can be viewed here.

Todd Caouette

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