Matthew Fisch

Matthew Fisch 1325312Title: Manager

Company: 2E Partners

Location: Needham, MA

Needham, MA, January 23, 2015, Matthew O. Fisch, Manager of 2E Partners, has been recognized by Elite American Executives for dedication, achievements and leadership in consulting and cyber security.

Well versed in marketing and finance consulting, Mr. Fisch has found his niche working for 2E Partners, a consultancy that specializes in marketing and finance services. He is a seasoned professional with 24 years of experience and has been in his current role for the past five. As the manager, he is tasked with handling licensing IP agreements and conducting IP and company evaluations. Being a multi-talented individual, Mr. Fisch also excels in the world of cyber security. He works on a variety of cyber vulnerabilities and enterprise challenges, including but not limited to: cyber immune system with analytics, cyber consulting, cyber crime and wars, content detection and alerting, and behavioral anomaly detection. It is his passion to work with companies and individual clients to assist them with all of their cyber security needs.

Aside from his work at 2E Partners, Mr. Fisch also is director of sales for Carbon Design Systems an electronic design automation company. He attributes his success to his desire to improve and adapt to various business environments. Mr. Fisch has big plans for the future and looks to expand his business through mergers and acquisitions.

Contact Matthew Fisch 

Matthew O. Fisch

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