Sean Coles

Sean Coles 872553Title: Operations Coach

Company: GE Aviation

Location: Batesville, Mississippi

Sean Coles is the operations coach of GE Aviation, a world-leading provider of jet and turboprop engines, components and systems for the commercial, military and business aviation sectors. Mr. Coles entered the industry 17 years ago after being inspired by his father, who was an adviser to the business. He assumed his current role three years ago and has become an integral member of the company’s staff. Mr. Coles is well versed in the transportation and motor industry, and is responsible for overseeing staff, completing tasks, managing budgets, and following-up with customers. Prior to joining GE Aviation, Mr. Coles gained extensive experience in the industry, serving as the production supervisors at Chrysler, team manager at Honda Manufacturing of Alabama, and work group adviser for Harley Davidson Motor Company. He attributes his success to his knowledge. In the coming years, Mr. Coles hopes to attain a management position.

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Sean Coles


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