Venkatraman Subramanian

Venkatraman Subramanian 1746003Title: Associate Vice President

Company: Tech Savvy Ventures

Location: Austin, TX

Venkatraman Subramanian has more than 25 years of experience in the IT industry, having worked in various regions of the globe. He has successfully managed large teams that have provided business process design, technical design and implementations for Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 organizations. In the past, he primarily concentrated on outsourcing strategies, management of outsourcing projects, and building enterprise application practices for various multinational firms in India, and startup companies in the U.S. Mr. Subramanian worked for PwC and Oracle and as a consultant for Accenture and Ernst & Young before joining Tech Savvy Ventures, a technology company that provides services in software technology, business intelligence, enterprise resource planning, enterprise portals and identity management. Mr. Subramanian excels at providing data discovery and visualization dashboards for clients across North America and handles a myriad of responsibilities at Tech Savvy. He is tasked with providing enterprise performance management, planning, budgeting and forecasting as an enterprise cloud solution to small- and medium-sized companies. A certified project management professional and national trainer, he attributes his 25 years of success to his life studies and experience.

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Venkatraman Subramanian

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