James Junkin

logo.jpgTitle: President

Company: Mariner-Gulf Consulting & Services, LLC

Location: Meraux, LA

Meraux, LA, June 2, 2014, James A. Junkin, President of Mariner-Gulf Consulting & Services, LLC, has been recognized by Elite American Executives for dedication, achievements and leadership in the oil industry.

Mr. Junkin has worked in the oil and gas industry since 1995 as a consultant and oil company executive.  He co-founded Mariner-Gulf Consulting & Services, LLC in 2010 after the BP oil spill. He was involved in emergency response and made the decision to develop an oil and energy consultancy that offered a wide range of risk management and consulting services. In his role, Mr. Junkin is responsible for providing strategic business development, working with clients to achieve operator and regulatory compliance, ensuring that all strategies are being met internationally, overseeing day-to-day operations, and helping clients shift from a compliance mentality to a competency mentality.

He also wrote the safety environmental management system for Petrobras and BW Offshore. He is a Master Instructor for Safe Land/Safe Spills and is an OSHA General Industry Outreach Trainer. He also holds numerous industry certifications.  Mr. Junkin attributes his success to surrounding himself with good people and allowing them to help get the job done. Looking toward the future, Mr. Junkin intends to expand the company and transition into more of an oversight position.

Aside from his work with Mariner-Gulf, Mr. Junkin is involved with the organization Battlefields to Oilfields. Battlefields to Oilfields is an evaluation, training, and placement service that seeks to enhance veterans’ employability and readiness for work, while simultaneously addressing the oil and gas industry’s labor shortage. They help provide the tools veterans need to become successful leaders and supervisors. Mr. Junkin is dedicated to providing services to veterans, as he served in the Navy for eight years.


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