Gary Garoffolo

Gary Garoffolo 1747822Title: Senior Consultant

Company: FAS

Location: Oklahoma

Gary Garoffolo is a highly regarded financial aid specialist with 36 years of industry experience. For the past 10 years, he has lent his talents to FAS, a financial aid consulting firm that works with colleges in financial aid and federal student aid. Mr. Garoffolo started his career in higher education administration in admissions and eventually transferred to financial aid. His years of experience in the field make him an invaluable asset to the organization while his personable nature and knowledge of federal regulations allow him to work with staff on issues relating to the financial aid process. Mr. Garoffolo also runs reports and analyzes data that affects students, assesses federal compliance in administration of student aid funds, systems and operations, prepares written reports for executives and financial aid administrators, and provides consulting services related to the delivery of federal, state and institutional student assistance to post-secondary institutions. Mr. Garoffolo has been recognized by his peers as an expert, and has also been selected as a trainer by the Federal Department of Education. Aside from his duties at FAS, Mr. Garoffolo participates in various organizations and works on multiple committees of the national association in an effort to influence federal legislation. He takes great pride in his work and believes he has achieved great success due to a combination of his experience, knowledge and ability to work with many types of people. 

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