Soncia Salter

Soncia SalterTitle: Regional Manager

Company: National General Insurance Company

Location: Southfield, MI

Soncia L. Salter is the regional manager at National General Insurance Company, an insurance company that offers no-fault insurance to clients in Washington, Michigan and Minnesota. Ms. Salter assumed her current position two years ago and has been involved in the insurance industry for 21 years. She was inspired to enter the insurance industry by her father who was an engineer and well-versed in homeowners’ insurance. He wanted her to think and be able to take care of herself, and she has done just that throughout her illustrious career. An integral member of the company’s staff, Ms. Salter is responsible for overseeing eight people, monitoring submissions for reinsurance status with MCCA, and handling large loss reports, and product and pricing products. Her varied experience has exposed her to all facets of the industry and has enabled her to become well versed in commercial and bodily injury/casualty claims. A licensed resident insurance adjuster Ms. Salter attributes her success to being self-motivated to continue her education, as well as great mentors and persistence.

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Soncia Salter

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