Patrick Stone

Patrick StoneTitle: President

Company: TradeStone QA LLC

Location: Austin, TX

AUSTIN, TX, January 16, 2014, Patrick D. c, President for TradeStone QA LLC, has been recognized by Elite American Executives for dedication, achievements and leadership in quality assurance inspections for the pharmaceutical and health care industries.Mr. Stone made the decision to start his own company in 2011 after gaining extensive experience working with the United States Food & Drug Administration where he served as a consumer safety officer and a good clinical practice bioresearch monitor. Mr. Stone’s company provides a wide range of mock regulatory CGMP manufacturing and quality assurance inspections, as well as consulting services for drug companies, contract manufacturers and industry related companies. His company also trains other industry professionals and works with the FDA on numerous projects. Prior to establishing TradeStone QA LLC, Mr. Stone served the U.S. FDA from 1998-2011. He conducted international and domestic inspections on drugs, medical devices, and biologics to make sure the products were in compliance with FDA regulations. He participated in global collaboration with health market stakeholders and patients, and worked with the United States Department of Defense on multiple occasions. Mr. Stone also played a role in one of the biggest cases in FDA history that included five years of fraud detection and affected the global market. In 2001 and 2006, Mr. Stone gained recognition from the FDA for his stellar work. He earned the National EEO Achievement Award (HEPR mentorships) and the National Outstanding Service Award Compounding Pharmacy Inspection Team. He has been honored with other awards from his inspection skills. Mr. Stone’s FDA experience allowed him to write and publish, “Bubble Gum Badge: An FDA His-Story,” a book about the behind-the-scenes operations of the FDA and clinical trial regulations.A certified device manufacturing inspector and drug manufacturing inspector, Mr. Stone received his training from the FDA and learned how to excel in consumer safety due to his experience and exposure to many facets of the industry. His desire to serve the public in a meaningful way has been the driving force behind his success.

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