Michelle Taylor

Michelle TaylorTitle: Contract Technician

Company: USPS

Location: Williamstown, NJ

Michelle D.A. Taylor is a contract technician at the United States Postal Service. Ms. Taylor is a highly regarded professional who has 30 years of experience under her belt with nine years in her current post. She first got involved in her position because she wanted to be able to assist those who may not always know where to turn for help during changes in the Postal Service. Throughout her career, Ms. Taylor has assisted the managers in the field and, on numerous occasions, received referrals by colleagues who would direct others to her office for advice based on their own successful experiences. An expert in customer service, Ms. Taylor is responsible for troubleshooting and assisting field personnel in procuring building services. She attributes her success to her diligence, determination and friendliness.

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Michelle Taylor

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