Jennifer Plunkett

Jennifer PlunkettTitle: Senior Project Consultant

Company: Caterpillar

Location: Peoria, IL

PEORIA, IL, February 3, 2014, Jennifer A. Plunkett, Senior Project Consultant at Caterpillar, has been recognized by Elite American Executives for dedication, achievements and leadership in the manufacturing industry.Ms. Plunkett started at Caterpillar 12 years ago after attaining a temporary job. She was offered a permanent position and advanced within the company over the years. Before becoming senior project consultant in 2012, she served as the senior parts information analyst, instructor, senior instructor, and customer service representative. Her past experience enabled her to become well versed in working with clients, and she became knowledgeable about parts information. As the senior project consultant, she is responsible for designing a new authoring system, working with the writers of part manuals, functioning as the liaison between the parts staff and information technology, and working with the internal parts training group.Throughout her career, Ms. Plunkett has been sought after for advice and guidance. Her strong skill set and industry knowledge make her a leader in the field who molds up-and-coming professionals. She has been involved in training new part authors for Caterpillar. She conducted training in Peoria and in India and felt a great sense of accomplishment every time someone completed a class successfully and advanced both inside and outside of their department.Ms. Plunkett’s professional success is a direct result of her hard work, willingness to learn, and strong sense of responsibility for each and every job she does. She was also raised by parents who taught her to help others and to always put people first. Looking toward the future, Ms. Plunkett intends to progress to a supervisory position. She would like to expand and work with external customers.

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Jennifer Plunkett

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