Elizabeth Prokopuk

Elizabeth ProkopukTitle: Director of Business Development

Company: Kolon Glotech U.S.A. Corp.

Location: Detroit, MI

Elizabeth M. Prokopuk started in the fashion industry in New York City and, through her experience, she learned about Kolon Glotech U.S.A. Corp. because it was developing fabrics for field. She made the decision to establish the Detroit office and become the company’s representative for automobile companies in the area. For the past two years, Ms. Prokopuk has been serving as the company’s director of business development where she works with the design teams, attends trade shows, conducts research, presents the company’s products to Chrysler and General Motors, and handles concept, color, technical development, instruction and supervision in textile plants. Ms. Prokopuk also works on promoting and advertising the company’s products. Throughout her career, she has successfully accomplished projects that involved many geographical locations and cultures, and ran her own design studio. Ms. Prokopuk draws on her travels across Europe and Asia to incorporate new techniques and designs into products. She attributes her nearly 30 years of success in the industry to her passion and hard work. Looking toward the future, Ms. Prokopuk would like to grow this company to $10 million locally.

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Elizabeth Prokopuk

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