Fredrick Petrucci

Fredrick Petrucci 1533283Title: Consultant, Educator for Industrial Design and Technology

Company: FP Enterprises, LLC

Location: Santa Barbara, CA

Frederick Petrucci is a consultant and educator for industrial design and technology at FP Enterprises, LLC, a company owned by Mr. Petrucci that offers services in teaching, consulting marketing, publishing, technical writing, arts and crafts design, poetry writing, and product development. Mr. Petrucci’s love for the industrial arts and desire to pass it on to future generations inspired him to pursue a career in the field. He has more than 40 years of experience in the field and started his company four years ago. In his current capacity, Mr. Petrucci mentors teachers in industrial tech, workshops and labs, designs custom furniture and prototypes for market, and writes technical and poetic works. Two of his contemporary poetry books, “A Campground Closed” and “On Gentle Breeze,” are avilalbe through Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Their focus is on his journey as a Baby Boomer, changing careers and reinventing himself after a long career. Mr. Petrucci believes he has excelled in his professional endeavors due to his commitment to integrity, ability to complete tasks, and his personal goal to be the best at whatever he takes on. A dedicated lifelong learner, Mr. Petrucci hopes to continue pursuing his business interests, his writings and the joys of his hobbies in the coming years.

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