Troy Botello

Troy Botello 1640568Title: State Executive Director

Company: VSA California

Location: Santa Ana, CA

Troy Botello is the state executive director of VSA California, a nonprofit organization that provides arts and education for people with disabilities, as well as empowers people with disabilities to learn through, participate in and enjoy the arts. A trained concert pianist and certified music therapist, Dr. Botello has 36 years of professional experience and assumed his position in 2010. As the state executive director, he is responsible for coordinating service programs, festivals and events, serving as a resource to interface fundraising, working and collaborating with schools, organizations, business and the community, and targeting direct services, programs, projects, events. He also trains people of all ages, oversees the VSA International Young Soloists Program, and provides arts, education and cultural opportunities for people with disabilities. Dr. Botello attributes his success to being in the right place at the right time. He mentors worldwide in art education and performance. Dr. Botello would like to continue mentoring and training young people, as well as providing high-quality arts programs and education through VSA California. 

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