Samantha Sharrow

Samantha SharrowTitle: Executive Consultant

Company: Pink Zebra

Location: Marine City, MI

A positive and motivated individual, Samantha Sharrow draws inspiration from her personal experiences to persevere and lead a successful career as an executive consultant at Pink Zebra. The company offers on-the-go thermals, purses, totes and accessories that can be personalized. Ms. Sharrow started with the company in September 2013 after gaining extensive experience in advertising and managing accounts payable and receivable. In her role, she recruits members through social media and home parties, provides personal consulting, and home, catalog and online parties, and makes candles. An expert in sales consulting who completed coursework in human relations and advertising, Ms. Sharrow attributes her success to perseverance and being focused in building business.

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Samantha Sharrow

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