Joshua Koppel

Joshua KoppelTitle: Assistant Director

Company: City of Chicago Department of Finance

Location: Chicago, IL

CHICAGO, IL, April 10, 2014, Joshua Koppel, Assistant Director for the City of Chicago Department of Finance, has been recognized by Elite American Executives for dedication, achievements and leadership in information technology and management.

Mr. Koppel has been serving in his position for the past 23 years and is recognized for his ability to maintain information technology network software, hardware and programming. In his role, he is responsible for managing the information technology department, processing payroll, and negotiating contracts with vendors. Mr. Koppel has become an integral part of the department’s success, and was instrumental in launching the building department online. This program caught the attention of the media and Mr. Koppel did a high-profile interview that appeared in the Chicago Sun-Times. Mr. Koppel was rewarded for his exceptional work by being honored with the Employee of the Month Award.

Aside from his work at the department, Mr. Koppel is known internationally as an origami artist and the No 1. designer in Chicago. His work has been displayed in museums and gallery shows. He has also been published in origami publications worldwide and has taught the art for the past 40 years. Mr. Koppel is interested in sharing his knowledge with others and is currently writing a cookbook called “Recipe Free Cooking.” He is also writing a book about the architecture of Chicago and a book about saving money, “Common Cents Savings.”

Mr. Koppel’s willingness to learn has enabled him to excel in all of his endeavors. He intends to continue growing professionally and doing what he loves.

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Joshua Koppel

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