Wilbert Floyd

Wilbert FloydTitle: Pastor

Company: House of Blessings Christian Fellowship Inc.

Location: Roosevelt, NY

Roosevelt, New York, January 11, 2011, Wilbert Floyd, Pastor for the House of Blessings Christian Fellowship, Inc., has been recognized by Elite American Executives for dedication, achievements and leadership in religious services.

With more than three decades of professional experience, Mr. Floyd demonstrates an expertise in healing and preaching the Old Testament. As a pastor, he is responsible for reaching out to the community and helping the needy through preaching, praying, and counseling. In addition to his commitment to the House of Blessings Christian Fellowship, Inc., he has mustered the capacity to supervise 15 employees at a utility firm by assigning work, evaluating performance, and providing training and education.

For Mr. Floyd, the ministry has played the most significant role in his professional career. It has brought out his confidence and consistent work ethic, and he considers it to be his calling in life. Though the church is small, Mr. Floyd is of the belief that God has allowed them to continue to function as a ministry because of their proven ability to overcome several transitions that threatened its sustainability. A dependable person, Mr. Floyd advises others by parlaying his experience with the ministry; he says: “There is an old saying,’Don’t cry over spilled milk.’ Don’t stand still, learn from those mistakes and keep on going; sometimes failure is the best teacher.”

In 1998, Mr. Floyd earned a bachelor’s degree in theology from Vision College. A supporter of Haiti Relief Fund, Inc. and the Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund, he is passionate about his work with the ministry and has dedicated himself totally to his congregation in light of his late wife’s passing. Putting God and his work first has provided Mr. Floyd with the gratification of living a fulfilling life that he believes he would not have been able to otherwise.

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Wilbert Floyd

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