Tomas Saaf

Tomas SaafTitle: Chief Operating Officer

Company: Lowry & Associates, LLC

Location: Monett, MO

MONETT, MO, January 27, 2012, Tomas A.J. Saaf, Owner of Lowry & Associates, LLC, has been recognized by Elite American Executives for dedication, achievements and leadership in physical therapy.

Mr. Saaf offers physical rehabilitative services at Lowry & Associates, LLC, a rehabilitation center based in Monett, Missouri that provides such specialized physical therapy services as aquatic therapy, work conditioning, and functional capacity evaluation. In his executive role, Mr. Saaf utilizes his expertise in aquatic therapy to help people achieve optimal wellness with therapeutic water exercises, and makes them feel comfortable in a stimulating environment by performing high-quality physical therapy on patients.

Attributing his success to sheer persistence and his caring nature, Mr. Saaf strives for excellence in his every endeavor. He has amassed more than 22 years of professional experience, and he has been able to remain current of trends and developments as a member of the Aquatic Exercise. He also supports a number of worthy causes, such as prominent health- and community-related organizations which include the Barry Lawrence County Development Center and the American Cancer Society.

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Tomas Saaf

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