Tabitha Bagwell

Tabitha BagwellTitle: Call Center of Excellence Account Executive

Company: MMC Group, L.P.

Location: Irving, TX

Tabitha A. Bagwell is the Call Center of Excellence Account Executive for MMC Group, L.P.   MMC is a strategic staffing company located in Irving, Texas and is a leading provider of technical and non-technical staffing, business process outsourcing, and accounting, finance and healthcare services management.

Ms. Bagwell specializes in call center operations and staffing, business development, and the nurturing and maintenance of existing customer relationships. At her current post, Ms. Bagwell is responsible for handling business development and consultation services as they relate to call centers.

Ms. Bagwell handles a large array of responsibilities in her capacity with the firm that is renowned for managing accounting, finance, and health care operations. In a recent EliteAMERICAN interview, she described her job and ever-emergent skill set: “I’m responsible for business development and consultation services related to call centers,” she said. In maintaining a reputation of distinction as one of the female shareholders of MMC, Ms. Bagwell strives for excellence in her endeavors to preserve the standard of quality that has long been upheld by the company. She has been with MMC for more than 12 years, and she shines not only as a recruiter, but as a business savvy leader. “My areas of expertise fall in recruiting, now with a primary focus on call center operations, staffing, and business development.  I maintain existing and new business relationships for the company.”

With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Ms. Bagwell feels that the most gratifying aspect of her career is the fostering of lasting relationships that she is able to facilitate in her executive position with MMC. “I have always been able to please my client base with my level of service and knowledge of call centers and the experience that I bring to the table,” she told EliteAMERICAN Publishing. She also points out that her desire to help people and make a difference in the lives of others has allowed her to achieve success throughout her past 12 years with the company. Ever passionate about her field and the work that she does, Ms. Bagwell has done public speaking within call centers, training and delivery. Ms. Bagwell remains abreast of industry trends and developments as an affiliate of the DFW Recruiters Network, Women’s Alliance, Young Professionals of Irving and Las Colinas (ypILC), The Workforce Enrichment Council through the Chamber of Commerce, and Untyed – Connecting Leaders in Las Colinas.

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Tabitha Bagwell

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