Susan Setty

Susan SettyTitle: Senior Technician

Company: LyondellBasell

Location: Cincinnati, OH

CINCINNATI, OH, January 20, 2012, Susan P. Setty, Senior Technician for the Polymer Physical Testing Division of LyondellBasell, has been recognized by Elite American Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in applied science.

Ms. Setty holds a cornucopia of knowledge, upon which she has built over the breadth of a 24-year spanning career. Her versatile skill set consists of expertise in Gel permeation chromatography, temperature rising elusion fractionation, the analysis of organic synthesis for food products, formulation chemistry, and the support of instrument distillation with a system solvent recycling system. As a senior technician for a major division of a world leader in polymer, petrochemical and fuel products, she is responsible for handling physical testing in the macro world, testing film, pellets and other materials in specific ways, and hot pack and heat field testing for food packaging processing plants.

Ms. Setty was the co-author of an international patent for polypropylene resin composition in 2007. She also worked as a high school history teacher for three years. She has created a Benzine based solvent recycling system that allows her and her company to reuse the chemicals over and over again without disposing of them. This feat has garnered for her a reputation of distinction, as her establishment of the system has served as a tremendous breakthrough in the saving of the environment. Additionally, with the creation of her system, Ms. Setty has saved and will continue to save millions of dollars for the company, and there will be less waste.

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Susan Setty

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