Susan Hinrichs

Susan HinrichsTitle: Director of Operations

Company: Oklahoma Academy of Family Physicians

Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Susan M. Hinrichs is the Director of Operations for the Oklahoma Academy of Family Physicians, a premier professional organization for family physicians that specializes in the representation of medical professionals. In her current capacity, Ms. Hinrichs utilizes her expertise in meeting coordination to organize conferences that are vital to the conservation and preservation of the organization. She is also responsible for writing grants. Ms. Hinrichs possesses nearly 20 years of professional experience and a wealth of knowledge of her field, and she feels that the most gratifying aspect of her illustrious career has been working in her current position. She remains current of trends and developments in her field by reading industry-related publications, as she is committed to learning about advancements that are being made in data management.

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Susan Hinrichs

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