Sharon Griffin

Sharon GriffinTitle: Project Management Professional

Company: Self-Employed

Location: Nazareth, PA

Nazareth, PA, June 14, 2011, Sharon Griffin, Project Management Professional, has been recognized by Elite American Executives for dedication, achievements and leadership in technical programming and computer process management.

Backed by 35 years of professional experience, Ms. Griffin is a trusted expert project manager in the realm of technology. She focuses her attention exclusively on her clients in order to fully meet their individual needs. Being well versed in orchestrating all aspects of a project, she coordinates with software developers for program implementation and designs specifications. Once compiled, she oversees user-based testing experiments to ensure the success of the program. Finally, she provides training to staff personnel on the completed project. 

Ms. Griffin’s commitment and thorough approach to each project is a result of her upbringing. Coming from a military family, she was taught that quitting was never an option. In recognition of her skill, she has received many awards in the past, including two Thanks Awards and one President’s Award for Excellence, both from IBM. Following her career in project management, she hopes to open a bed and breakfast in the surrounding area.

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Sharon Griffin

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