Rosemarie Panico-Marino

Rosemarie Panico-MarinoTitle: Managing Director

Company: RSM McGladrey

Location: Aurora, IL

Rosemarie Panico-Marino is the managing director for RSM McGladrey, the fifth largest provider of assurance, tax and consulting services in the United States. For the last 19 years, she has employed her work ethic and laud professionalism into refining an expertise in pension law and consulting. Ms. Panico-Marino holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from DePaul University, where an influential professor recommended she become involved with executive consulting. To keep abreast of industry trends, Ms. Panico-Marino maintains affiliation with the American Society of Pension Professionals & Acutaries, and the Chicago Finance Exchange. A benevolent individual, she lends her free time to voluntary initiatives with the Mercy Home for Boys and Girls in Chicago, Illinois.

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Rosemarie Panico-Marino

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