Ronald C. Young

Ronald C. YoungTitle: 1) President 2) Chief Executive Officer

Company: 1) Cornerstone Social Services 2) Quantum Testing and Research Institute

Location: Crete, IL, United States

Ronald C. Young is the President of Cornerstone Social Services and the Chief Executive Officer of the Quantum Testing and Research Institute. In taking on an executive leadership role at both a nonprofit organization specializing in public services for homeless and disabled individuals and a nonprofit research organization focusing on wind energy testing and research, the microdynamics of intelligent testing for education and employment sectors, and the tackling of environmental issues, Mr. Young makes the most of his years of experience and a love of conducting research. He is lauded as a housing expert by his professional peers, and he ensures that Cornerstone Social Services is running according to its mission statement. Mr. Young was inspired to follow his current career path by a long standing desire to help his relatives and people in the community. When he heard that the Illinois government was giving away money for education and homeless services, he wanted to make sure he researched the reason why people became homeless before he applied for the money. For him, the only way to know for sure was to walk every family and person through the process to see what they were receiving in terms of community and prevention services. The findings were put into a report to form the basis for the federal and state government grants that were applied for throughout the state of Illinois.

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Ronald C. Young

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