Robin Karol

Robin KarolTitle: Executive Guide, Executive Director

Company: Innovation Guides: Product Development and Management Association

Location: Wilmington, DE

With 33 years of professional experience, Dr. Robin Karol demonstrates laud expertise in new product development, derived from an extensive work history in the field. A jack-of-all trades, she serves in three capacities as an executive guide, director, and professor. Whilst working for Innovation Guides: Product Development and Management Association, she is responsible for overseeing new product development and innovations, which she accomplishes by utilizing her goal-oriented nature and creativity. Dr. Karol also employs her comprehensive experience to teach the courses “Management of Innovation” at the University of Delaware, and “New Product and Service Development” at Stevens Institute of Technology. Recognized as a new product development professional by the Product Development and Management Association, Dr. Karol holds a Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of Buffalo, and has been awarded for her vocational excellence by the Industrial Research Institute and DuPont.

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Robin Karol

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