Robert ‘Bob’ Adams, BSEE, BSIE

Title: Webmaster

Company: Bob Adams Website Design and Build Service

Location: Pinellas Park, FL, United States

Robert ‘Bob’ Adams, BSEE, BSIE is the webmaster for Bob Adams Website Design and Build Service, a web design firm offering premium website creation services. With nearly forty years of professional experience under his belt, Mr. Adams shines as a luminary in his field, bringing forth a diverse skill set in the areas of computer programming and technical analysis for foreign investments to the helm of a renowned web design company. At his post, Mr. Adams is primarily responsible for designing and creating websites, managing business operations, and interviewing new clients. He also oversees the development of new designs, and consults with his clients on the direction of their websites. Mr. Adams pinpoints the highlights of his career as his designing computer test programs for the Viking 1, which was the first of two spacecraft sent to Mars as part of NASA’s Viking program in 1972. It holds the record for the longest Mars surface mission of 6 years and 116 days.

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