R. Brian Kidney

R. Brian KidneyTitle: Specializing in Legislative Affairs

Location: Sacramento, CA, United States

R. Brian Kidney is a respected legislative affairs expert based in Sacramento, California. At present, Mr. Kidney serves as a parliamentarian to the board of directors for The Renaissance Society of Sacramento, and works in concerted efforts with The Brotherhood of The Knights of The Vine of America, the California Wine Society and The Renaissance Society of Sacramento. For the past four decades, Mr. Kidney has refined a keen and outlined a flair for working with and assisting members of the government in reaching and exceeding their legislative missions.

Mr. Kidney came to work in politics in 1963 as a runner, bringing paperwork back and forth to offices in the California state capitol. He quickly climbed the ladder, ending his 28-year career as Chief Clerk in 1981. After his retirement, he was invited to consult on legislative affairs to the parliaments for emerging democracies in Hungary, Malawi, Namibia, and South Africa. His goal was always to help them set up committees and departments, and refine them by utilizing his experience. Now retired, he serves as parliamentarian to the board of directors of The Renaissance Society of Sacramento, a participatory center for learning in retirement or lifelong learning.

Mr. Kidney earned a bachelor’s degree in Russian studies from the University of Michigan, followed by a master’s degree in government studies from the University of San Francisco. During his tenure as Chief Clerk in the California State Assembly, Mr. Kidney launched a successful paid internship program that provides the legislature with an annual pool of highly trained and vetted intern alumni. He has been told by colleagues that this internship program was the most important thing he had done within the chief clerk’s office. It wasn’t until he retired from his position as Chief Clerk that he began to gain experience working with other countries, helping them set up their own democracies. He was first asked by the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs to go to Budapest, Hungary, and was then asked to return two years later in order to refine what they started. He later went on to visit Malawi, Namibia and South Africa after being asked to help set up parliaments.

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