Ralph Gamboa

Ralph GamboaTitle: Supervisory Water Commissioner (Retired)

Company: Nevada Department of Conservation & Natural Resources | Division of Water Distribution

Location: Elko, NV

Elko, Nevada | November 18, 2010 | Ralph N. Gamboa, retired Supervisory Water Commissioner for the Nevada Department of Conservation & Natural Resources’ Division of Water Distribution, has been recognized by Elite American Executives for his dedication, achievements, and leadership in public water distribution services.

An expert in surface water usage, Mr. Gamboa oversaw the distribution of irrigation water in the Elko division while serving as Supervisory Water Commissioner. With a deep passion for his profession, Mr. Gamboa attributes his success to his hard work and dedication. Prior to his retirement Mr. Gamboa earned 33 years of professional experience in his industry and enjoyed having a career that allowed him to spend a majority of his day outside. Spending all his time on lakes and streams, Mr. Gamboa became accustomed to his surroundings including not being irritated by mosquitos.

Prior to his position with the Division of Water Distribution, Mr. Gamboa served in the United States Navy for four years during the Korean War. He is a member of Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States where he has volunteered his expertise and service. After retiring from the Nevada Department of Conservation & Natural Resources, Mr. Gamboa spent some time as a bus driver where he enjoyed interacting with passengers. As a professional with vast experience in various industries, Mr. Gamboa advises others to take the good with the bad and never give up in order to achieve your goals.

Mr. Gamboa has completed college coursework and retains affiliations with the Oregon-California Trails Association, Humboldt High Road Group, and as a Lifetime Member of the Local Basque Club. Through his affiliation with the Oregon-California Trails Association, Mr. Gamboa is involved with beautification efforts for the California Trail.

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Ralph Gamboa

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