Paulette Willman

Paulette WillmanTitle: Financial Services Consultant

Company: Underwriter IV (Retired)

Location: Reston, WA, United States

Paulette C. Willman is a financial services consultant with a refined expertise in mortgage underwriting. Ms. Willman spent 43 years in the mortgage industry and retired in 2007 as a mortgage loan underwriter. She has worked in the mortgage sector in Texas and Washington state, garnering a reputation of distinction for her sound mortgage advice and ability to help people to make informed decisions. Prior to her retirement, Ms. Willman validated information for new structures, apartments, offices, and commercial and residential properties, and made credit line decisions based on information. Over the course of an illustrious career, Ms. Willman has won several Employee of the Year awards, and earned many certifications in her field.

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Paulette Willman

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